Office Cleaning

Jane’s Cleaning Service is a commercial cleaning company in the Princeton, NJ. 

We take pride in being part of the fabric of our client’s establishments. Being one of the leading commercial cleaning companies, we only employ certified personnel, who are qualified and knowledgeable and able to meet the high standards required by our company.Our commercial cleaning company assures a consistently high standard and we continue to develop our services, always finding the ideal solution the fits your requirements and your budget.

We provide top trained office cleaners.Jane’s Cleaning Service undertakes meticulous office cleaning and understands that an offices appearance is vital for the company’s reputation and image. We also believe that a tidy and clean workplace is a happier and more productive space. For these reasons all our reliable and friendly cleaning staff are trained to the highest standard.

Our professional cleaners can also work during the weekends and outside office hours to ensure the service provided is reliable, efficient and flexible.

Jane’s Cleaning Service is fully insured and hasa health and safety policy. We fully appreciate the security and trust issues related to safe access and secure key holding. All key holding staff are trained and adhere to ourstrict written procedure for key holding security.

Why choose Jane’s Cleaning Service office cleaning and commercial cleaning?Jane’s Cleaning Service is a commercial cleaning company in the Princeton, NJ.

  • We provide top trained office cleaners
  • We care for the efficiency and quality of our office cleaning services
  • We are fully equipped with all the equipment and supplies
  • We have the happiest customers

Customers of Jane’s Cleaning Service can also feel at ease when our workers are at their home or business. All of our employees must pass a thorough background check before they are hired. Once they become a member of our employ, they are then covered under our insurance and become bonded, under our company’s name. We also pledge to our customers a guarantee that they must be satisfied with the work done by our staff. This is a money-back guarantee. This is something that we at Jane’s Cleaning Service are known for in the Princeton, NJ.

You should also contact Jane’s Cleaning Service at (609) 532-4241, if you are looking for a reliable commercial and residential cleaning services.